Just had the most amazing massage! Bradley Clarke is the best massage therapist I've ever worked with..so Utah friends..pay attention. This week I completely changed my workout schedule so I'm sore from that, book work has been awesome but unusually stressful, I just started a new job and took a test for it on Tuesday...long story short, I had some enormous knots that were causing some serious chaos. After a trigger point chair massage that lasted less than an hour the knots are gone. There are very few people who have the talent of quick healing and Brad is one of them. Worth every penny and then some!



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Tim Stocks

Shortly after having a herniated disc in my back I had scheduled a massage with Brad.  This being my first massage I didn't know what to expect.  He was extremely professional and explained everything clearly to me and asked for my expectations.  He wasn't afraid to get in there and go straight for the knots that had developed from the spasms I had been having in my legs from the herniated discs.  He isn't exactly gentle about attacking the knots, but he does tell you exactly what is coming and how to breath and manage the pressure put on your body.  Even though you are put through the ringer during the massage, you feel like a million bucks the day after.  Keep in mind that Brad specializes in sports massage, so don't expect to be pampered and lightly massaged like in a spa, that is unless you ask him to do so.  His mission is to help you feel better and the only way that happens is through real work.  I also found his knowledge of nutrition and essential oils extremely helpful as I was on my path to recovery.  I would suggest Brad for anyone that is looking for some serious relief.